Wireless Charging: The Technology that Empowering Future

Smartphone manufacturers have adopted the wireless charging technology making our life easier. This technology works on electromagnetic power transfer.

Ashok Pandey
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It seems like fiction story that we were discussing yesterday now becomes reality. Wireless power transfer was just like an imagination, but in today’s world, we can see numerous devices using the wireless charging technology.


Smartphone manufacturers have adopted the wireless charging technology making our life easier and clutter-free.

What is Wireless charging or wireless power transfer?

This wireless power transfer technology works on electromagnetic power transfer. One device works as a sender another one works as a receiver. The sender device drive by electric power from a power source generates an electromagnetic field that transmits the power across the surface area. The receiver device extracts the power from the field and supplies to the electrical load.


These two devices are actually two conductors inductively coupled or magnetically coupled. The current through the first wire creates a changing magnetic field. The changing magnetic field induces an electromotive force (EMF or voltage) in the second wire.

The Qi wireless charging standard

Qi, pronounced like the “chee“, is the universal standard for wireless charging of battery operated devices like mobiles, tablets, MP3 players and cameras. The Qi principal uses the inductive charging to transmit the power from one to another.

Qi wireless charging

Qi is an open interface standard which can transmit up to 5 watts of current wirelessly over distances of up to 4 cm (1.6 inches).

Charge multiple devices simultaneously


Compatible with supports all chargers and mobile devices from different manufacturers, only both must fulfill the Qi specifications, meaning every Qi-enabled device is compatible. Smartphones with Qi compatibility can be charge from any Qi charging station. Apart from mobile devices, various other devices are now using Qi standard those can be easily charged on a single station.

Wireless Charging multiple devices simultaneously

Phones and tablets with built-in Qi wireless charging

  • Apple iPhone: 8, 8 Plus, X
  • Samsung Galaxy: Note 9, S9, S9+, Note 8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge
  • Sony: Xperia XZ3, Xperia XZ2 Premium, Xperia XZ2
  • LG: G7 ThinQ, V30, G6 (US version only), G4 (optional), G3 (optional)
  • Nokia: 8 Sirocco
  • Huawei: Mate RS Porsche Design
  • Microsoft Lumia: 1520, 1020, 930, 929, 928, 920
  • Google Nexus: 4, 5, 6, 7 (2013)
  • BlackBerry Priv

Wireless charging power banks

Not only mobile manufacturers, power bank companies have also adopted the technology. Some of the wireless power banks available in India.

  • Ambrane PW 11 WIRELESS Power Bank

    10000mAh Li-Polymer Battery

    Dual Ports micro USB and Type C for charging

    Security features & 90 per cent, efficiency rate
  • Haier Wireless Power Bank

    10000mAh High Battery Capacity

    Two-Way Fast Charging

    Smart Charging

    Prevents Overcharging, Protect Cellphone & Battery
  • Hokonui Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank

    10000 mAh high capacity lithium polymer battery

    3 in 1 (Lightning + 2 Micro USB)

    Prevent over-charging, overheat, and short circuit
  • 5E Wireless Charging

    10000 mAh capacity

    Carbon fiber design

    3 Input and Dual Output

    Simultaneous Charging and Discharging

The success of wireless battery device charging and power banks, is leading us towards warless electricity transmission. Stanford researchers are working on the next technology innovation. They have discovered a practical method for wireless transmission of electricity, making Nikola Tesla's vision of a wireless power grid a possibility. And we can hope for the best.

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