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BANGALORE: Wipro Technologies, announced that Wipro-NewLogic, the leader in Wireless Intellectual Property Cores has completed the design of its Dual Role Device Intellectual Property core based on the Certified Wireless USB specification from the USB-IF.


This core is available and is one of the earliest MAC cores in the market based on the Certified Wireless USB specification.

Certified Wireless USB is the first high-speed wireless personal interconnect technology to meet the needs of multimedia consumer electronics, PC peripherals, and mobile devices. It will preserve the functionality of wired USB while also unwiring the cable connection and providing enhanced support for streaming media CE devices and peripherals.

The technology finds use in various applications such as transferring images from cameras to laptops, wireless printing, faster downloading of music from PC, faster sharing of images and music between mobile phones etc. Certified Wireless USB performance is targeted at 480Mbps at 3 meters and 110Mbps at 10 meters.


Commenting on this announcement, Aditya Agarwal, Product Marketing Manager for Wipro-NewLogic's UWB IPs, said, "Certified Wireless USB is a technology where we see immense growth potential and immediate end user needs. We are witnessing accelerated adoption of Certified Wireless USB technology by semiconductor players who are integrating this protocol as part of bigger System on Chip solutions. High quality IP cores offer a great opportunity here."

Wipro-NewLogic's Dual Role Device MAC IP Core can work in Limited Host mode, Device mode or simultaneous Limited Host and Device mode. It can thus be implemented as either a Device or a Dual Role Device. It is designed keeping early silicon success in mind and is optimized for performance. It is a mix of hardware and software, where the time critical functionalities are implemented in hardware and rest of the logic is implemented in software, providing configuration and customization flexibility.

Wipro-NewLogic's Dual Role Device (DRD) MAC core is based on its silicon proven WiMedia T based MAC IP. Having a silicon-proven WiMedia-based MAC as the basis for the Wireless USB DRD core significantly reduces the fabrication and subsequent production risks for its licensees. Further, using a WiMedia-based MAC as the basis of development makes the implementation future proof, allowing for smooth transition to other Ultra-Wideband solutions like WiNET, Bluetooth over UWB and Wireless 1394. Wipro-NewLogic was the first Intellectual Property Company to announce and demonstrate a full featured WiMedia-based MAC IP Core back in May, 2005.


Wipro-NewLogic's WiMedia-based MAC and DRD MAC IP core are demonstrated on Wipro's FireFlyT platform. Wipro-NewLogic is working with several UWB PHY vendors to ensure interoperability, to cut down adoption risk and to reduce time to market significantly.

Other than UWB IPs, Wipro-NewLogic's Wireless IP portfolio consists of silicon proven Wireless LAN (802.11a/b/g and 802.11n) MAC, Modem and CMOS RF and Bluetooth Software, Modem and CMOS RF IPs. .

Wipro-NewLogic is a leading Semiconductor Design Services Provider and supplier of Intellectual Property (IP) cores for complex wireless and wireline applications; these include Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11), Bluetooth, Ultra WideBand (UWB), IEEE1394 (FireWire) and USB. The portfolio of IP cores also contains Software, silicon proven Wireless LAN multiband Radio module and Mixed-Signal Blocks such as AFEs, Synthesizers, PLLs. The services span over Digital, Analog / Mixed-Signal / RF based SoC (System-on-chip) Design, including specialized support for IP Customization, SoC and System Integration, ASIC Backend, Reference Design Development, Prototype Testing, Firmware Development, Application Development and Software Porting. Wipro-NewLogic is the world leader in the sale of IEEE1394, WLAN and Bluetooth IPs.

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