Wipro licenses WLAN IPs to STMicroelectronics

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Bangalore: Wipro Technologies has licensed its multi-mode 802.11 MAC and BB IP to STMicroelectronics through Answer Systems, its IP distributor in Europe. “The licensing of our 802.11 IPs to STMicroelectronics is a significant moment in our 802.11 IP program,” said Ramesh Emani, the Chief Executive of the Embedded and Product Engineering Solutions at Wipro. Apart from licensing the 802.11 IPs to STMicroelectronis, Wipro and Answer Systems will also provide them with extensive support for the IPs.

Elaborating further, Uday Ramachandran, the Group Head of the Semiconductor IP Division of Wipro, says, “We are proud to be the technology partners of STMicroelectronics. Our expertise in the Wireless LAN technology will accelerate ST’s time to market for their next generation Wireless chips.”

Wireless LAN is a standard for wireless Internet access being deployed in airports, enterprises and homes. The unprecedented rate at which this market is growing, Wireless LAN is said to revolutionize Internet access around the world.

Wipro has a suite of 802.11 IPs consisting of tri mode 802.11 a/b/g MAC, 802.11a Baseband, 802.11b Baseband and 802.11g Baseband. Wipro’s 802.11 IPs have been licensed by various customers who have incorporated them in their final products. Wipro’s portfolio of 802.11 IPs is supported by VLSI and System design as well as embedded software expertise that allows Wipro to offer customers an end-to-end solution.