How will artificial intelligence affect your business?

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Artificial intelligence is the most exciting upcoming technology in the world today. The advent of autonomous vehicles and the prospect of fully intelligent machines fills us with excitement and dread. As with any technology, there are those who are completely bent on imbuing their businesses with the newest advancements as soon as they can.

In this article, we hope to cover applications your business can use today that can make your life easier and the lives of your employees better. There is no global scheme too great for artificial intelligence.

This host of applications are purely meant to create a more efficient and productive work environment that can provide the catalyst to a new age of technological advancement in which your business can thrive.

1. Speech recognition

Speech recognition software is one of the most groundbreaking and widespread technologies to come out of the artificial intelligence industry. Just think of the personal assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

This software can improve your business life in a myriad of ways, least of all in its scheduling and task management abilities. Speech recognition is now used in place of typing as it is up to three times faster than traditional typing with only a 4% margin of error.

This creates a much more efficient flow of work at a much higher accuracy than ever before. It also allows employees to work faster without tiring themselves out as typing can physically damage the hand if done often over a long period of time.

As a matter of fact, with the use of speech recognition AI, a company could all but eliminate carpal tunnel syndrome from their employees. There is also the added benefit of employees keeping up their schedules automatically without the need of innumerable sticky notes or secretaries.

Speech recognition software can improve efficiency dramatically and provide a much more productive environment for your employees where work can be a little less grueling and a little more satisfactory.

2. Image recognition

Visual recognition software has been used for a number of years and, until recently, was a fairly flawed software. Using the advancements in neural networks and other processing systems, visual recognition has become much more accurate and can define even intricate details in an image. This can be very useful for the chief purpose of security in your workplace. With image recognition, you could verify who enters your building or who uses what computer.

This could prevent fraud and theft along with a whole host of other problems that arise when people gain access to things illegally with no real security checks. Image recognition is an invaluable resource to business owners who want to keep their employees safe and their work secure so that no malevolent force can disrupt your business’s everyday functions.

3. Malware detection

Detection skills are incredibly important in the development of artificial intelligence as they hope to reduce the amount of damage caused by cyber breaches. A few cybersecurity companies, like Deep Instinct, use artificial intelligence to automatically detect malware and remove it from your system or block it from entering your company’s intranet. It can also detect things like overheating in your server room to prevent meltdowns.

Detection software can also recognize if a user is accessing your internet illegally and block their use. Artificial intelligence is, in fact, a dream for cybersecurity as it is the only thing fast enough to keep up with the rate of cyber breaching and hacking.

There is nothing more important than keeping your files safe and out of the hands of malicious people. Artificial intelligence applications like malware detection can make sure that your information is kept private and secure.


For many businesses, it can take a while to integrate a new technology into their business. Though there is excitement abound, many owners don’t know how, or necessarily want, to bring AI into their workspaces. Soon, however, there really will not be a choice as technology is advancing at a rate faster than ever before.

Therefore, having artificial intelligence as well as the necessary apps in place integrated into your business will not be an option one can exclude themselves from. In these cases, it is important to stay educated and understand what can, and cannot, be integrated into your business now. Luckily, artificial intelligence comes with a whole host of applications that can make your business run better and smoother than ever before.

Artificial intelligence is an inevitable technology that is coming into force and will take over all industries someday. The goal of AI is not to replace but to disrupt and create an easier life for employees and business owners. Whether it is streamlined work or safer spaces, artificial intelligence applications are there to make your life easier and your work better.

The applications discussed above can be implemented immediately and can completely change your company’s style upon impact. It is better to be ahead of technology than constantly reacting to it.

Guest Author: Greg Robinson, Tech Entrepreneur


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