Wilco announces new platform for its Gloss

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HYDERABAD: Wilco, a wholly owned subsidiary of ADP Inc., has announced that

it is developing a new architecture for its transaction processing system,

Gloss. The new platform will be database independent and will have a capacity to

process at least one million trades per day according to a company press



The new platform will be Java-based, and will use XML messaging. It will be

able to operate with any SQL-based database and run on a range of hardware

platforms including IBM, Sun and Compaq’s platform for the zero latency

enterprise, the Compaq Himalaya Server.

Apart from the new platform, Wilco will continue to develop its existing

Gloss platform. Components of the two platforms will be inter-operable.

"The present Gloss platform is already marketed as a proven solution for

high-volume transaction processing. Our new development will enable us to

support firms trading in very high volumes, both through our ASP services and

for on-site implementations," said Wilco technical director Donial O’