Wikileaks soon to be history : US envoy

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ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN: WikiLeaks will soon become part of history and the secret diplomatic messages leaked by the whistleblower website will not affect the US relation with Pakistan, the American ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter has said.


"Wikileaks have been rejected by the US and it will not create any misunderstanding between Pakistan and the US," Munter was quoted as saying by Online news agency.

He said mutual cooperation would further strengthen the friendly relationship between the two countries and both are fighting the war for the salvation of humanity and this war should be won at any cost.

The US will continue its support to Pakistan and wants to see the democratic institutions of the country to be strong, the diplomat said at the Pakistan's Ghazi Air base.

Addressing a gathering at Ghazi air base in central Pakistan, Munter said that America is fulfilling all its promises to Pakistan and the two countries will continue sharing intelligence with each other.

Praising American army's efforts towards rehabilitation of flood affected people in Pakistan he said, 35 helicopters took part in the rehabilitation work of the flood stricken areas and more than 40 thousand people were shifted to safe areas. The US army has distributed more than 16 million pounds of relief goods to the people.