WikiLeaks re-emerges with new address

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Within hours of being killed by the US, the whistleblower website WikiLeaks, reemerged in the cyber space with  a new address, this time a Swiss one.


The servers in the United States had 'killed the site's domain name on Friday following "mass attacks". The new address is

The homepage of the new site quotes a comment by Time Magazine, which says, "Could become as important a journalistic tool as the Freedom of Information Act."

The new site, which says "courage is contagious", also has a detailed description of the cables, the way to sort and see the cables, etc, apart from a fund request from its founder Julian Assange.


Though WikiLeaks said it is moving to Switzerland, as declared on Twitter, an AFP report said that an Internet trace of the new domain name suggested the site itself is still hosted in Sweden and in France.

Those who access the address are redirected to a page under the URL, where the old site is visible with all the leaked US diplomatic cables uploaded in a systematic way.

The documents released on Sunday had created a storm all around, as the leaked cables have the potential to impact US' relation with many countries, including India and Pakistan.