Why are discount coupons doing great business?

Discount coupons

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Uday Nandan


There is no need to clip coupons from the Sunday newspapers or wait for discount seasons. There are start-ups who have now made it easier for online shoppers to find the best online deals with discounts.

According to a recent survey, although many sites offer coupons, they are unable to fulfil popular expectations or are difficult to navigate.

Compared to the earlier days when only the young generation was involved in online shopping, today shoppers of all age groups are availing the benefits of online shopping through discount coupons.


But why are discount coupons doing great business? I have listed below some trends.

• Discount coupons have become an advantage for those in remote areas as online shopping has become affordable and easily available.

• The attractive deals by new as well as established brands through online discount coupons have grabbed attention of shoppers towards an opportunity to clutch lucrative offers.

• Now teenaged shoppers as well as professionals look for online discount coupons to save money on every online deal.


• Both male and female shoppers are engrossed in e-shopping as they want to avail benefits arising from discount coupons.

• Women—irrespective of whether they are students, professionals or housewives use the coupons to avail the best deals on every commodity.

How are discount coupons helping you?

The article is authored by Uday Nandan, CEO, HappyCheckout, and opinions expressed are his own