WhatsApp to launch Cloud backup feature for Windows users

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CIOL Windows to launch cloud backup support for windows users

The Cloud backup feature for WhatsApp users which was available only for iOS and Android users will be now also be available for Windows 10 users.


The update, which is currently in its last phase of beta testing, enables OneDrive cloud backup support in WhatsApp. The update is expected to be rolled out gradually to all users.

CIOL WhatsApp to launch cloud backup support for windows users

Facebook-owned WhatsApp will also add a new camera icon for sharing pictures and videos in the new update. The feature allows users to share photos and videos directly through the app itself, without having to switch or toggle between other applications.

WhatsApp now comes with different cloud support for each operating system, iCloud for iOS users, Google Drive for Android users and OneDrive for Windows users. However, on the downside, the latest update doesn't allow users to transfer data from one Windows device to another.

In order to do so, users will have to first install a third party app and then transfer their data to the downloaded app. In turn, this indirect method can seriously compromise user's data and privacy. A direct transition would, however, rectify this feature.

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