WhatsApp Disappearing Messages: How to enable or disable the feature?

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WhatsApp will be rolling out an updated version of its disappearing messages feature. It launched the feature initially launched in October last year. With it, the users could delete messages within a certain time limit. This time it will let users send messages that will automatically disappear in the restricted time frame of seven days. If the user does not open WhatsApp in a seven-day period, the message will disappear from the original chat. However, one cam still see it in the notification bar until they open the app.


What messages will or will not be affected by this feature?

This setting won’t affect the messages that were previously sent and received in the chat. Further, it won’t have any effect on forwarded messages. Hence, those messages will not disappear in the forwarded chat. Moreover, When a person replies to a disappearing message by quoting it, the message will remain in the chat even after seven days.

In case of backups, the messages will be backed up but will disappear as soon as the user restores them. Hence, WhatsApp suggests to use it only with trusted individuals as people may forward, screenshot, copy or save the message before it gets vanished. Media shared in chat will also disappear if it is not downloaded already.


How to enable/disable the feature?

It will be available for both individuals as well as groups. While in the individual chatbox, users can enable or disable it through their settings. In groups, only admins will be allowed to do so.

Steps to enable/disable messages for Android/iOS/ KaiOS/Web and Desktop

- Open WhatsApp chat.

- Tap the contact’s name.

- Tap Disappearing messages. If prompted, tap ‘continue’.

- Select On/Off as per requirement.

For group chat, the steps remain the same. Only, instead of tapping on the contact’s name, users are supposed to tap on the group’s name.