How to quickly change from WhatsApp Business to Normal WhatsApp with all chats and data?

A Simple Step by Step Guide to help you change from a WhatsApp Business account to a normal slash standard WhatsApp account.

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How to quickly change from WhatsApp Business to Normal WhatsApp with all chats and data?

There are numerous reasons for when one shifts to WhatsApp Business. It could range from starting a new business, moving digital from local or becoming a reseller. The features are very different and aid business processes. But, sometimes, when you have only one number, it becomes a little difficult to manage the Business features along with the day-to-day use. Not only that, but sometimes, users need to go back to the normalcy of standard WhatsApp. The reasons this time could range from technicality issues, loss in business, or shifting to a new business account.


How to change from a WhatsApp Business account to a normal WhatsApp account?

- Even if you don't need the business account, the catalogue etc., you will need the chat, images and media backups. Thus, before you choose to move back, backup your chats. If you don't need the chats, you easily skip this step. How to backup chats? Go to ☰ in the top right corner. Select Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Back up. Check what Google Drive or iCloud Account you are using and if you want to backup video files too.

- After you have backed up your data to Google Drive or iCloud, uninstall the WhatsApp Business account. Users need to note that they don't necessarily need to delete the account, just simple uninstalling the app will do. If your delete the account, you will be removed from your groups. Uninstall the app.


Install WhatsApp Messenger application from Google Play Store for Android users and iOS store for iOS users. When you launch the application, it will ask you to accept the terms and service.

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- When you accept the terms, enter the phone number and verify it with the OTP. Once verified, the account will scan for a backup on the drive or a database. Make sure the email ID on which you backed up the chats and media is available on the device you are using.


- Select the backup, and let it restore the chats and media. Initially, the account will only restore the chat. After the chats are restores, it will back up the media too.

Points to know:

Whether you want WhatsApp Business or normal WhatsApp, one phone number can only be available for one account and one smartphone. If you want to have both, you will need to use a dual SIM smartphone and two different numbers. Alternatively, you can temporarily deactivate one of the accounts and transfer the number to the app of your choice with the steps above.

Everyone, who opens your chat, will get a small notification that the account was previously a Business Account. For a few days, the account will still show that it is a business account, which will change over time.

To change from normal WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business, follow the same steps.

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