What could have been if technology wasn’t developed?

By : |July 2, 2016 0

Do you believe technology has given you a better life? Think again! Imagine if Christopher Columbus had GPS to navigate to India, or Shakespeare was social media savvy and distilled his sonnets and plays into 140-character tweets! Would history be as intriguing as it is today?

If we just analyse how technology has sucked out the patience and knowledge seeking bug in us, it will be safe to conclude that history as it stands today, wouldn’t have existed at all. It was the curiosity and a nagging need to know that prompted these history-makers to prod on, which in today’s connected world is near dead.

According to research, smartphones cause us to have lower-quality conversations, Google is destroying our ability to retain information, and social networks are damaging our relationships. Research today means logging on to Google, and we seldom step out of the comfort zone to seek the unknown. After all, modern-day technology is not quite as life-improving as the Industrial Revolution.

If Columbus had a way to figure out the quickest way to India, he wouldn’t have any land to discover. If Martin Luther had a smartphone, he wouldn’t bother going outside to nail a document to a church door. Leonardo Da Vinci would probably have just taken a selfie with Mona Lisa than paint the legendary artwork.

The overdose of technology today has made history somewhat irrelevant, and some fed up of technology intrusion are seeking ways to acquire the pristine state of mind that was in no-technology era. Why then would Generation Y embrace backpacking travel, or why would a small-time photographer in Bengaluru seek to revive the art of writing letters! History, as we know, wouldn’t have been the same if technology was around. Probably, there would be no history to celebrate at all!

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