What to expect from Google's upcoming Pixel event?

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Google's October 4 Pixel event is being eagerly awaited now that Samsung and Apple are done releasing their new smartphones. While some upgrades are surely on cards for the next Pixel smartphones, users will also likely see a new version of Home speaker, Google's Daydream VR headset, and an all-new high-end Chromebook.


Home Mini

Starting with the new miniature Home smart speaker, the device will be a smaller, cheaper version of Google’s Home smart speaker much in the same way the Amazon's Echo Dot does for the full-size Echo. According to Droid Life, the size will have a direct bearing on the cost taking it down to $49 compared to the Home’s $129.



Home mini will have all the usual Home functionalities with Google Assistant's backing. It is expected to come in three colors at launch: charcoal (black), chalk (gray) and coral.

Daydream VR headsets

Though not much is known at the moment about the new features of the Google's upcoming Daydream VR headsets, they are expected to come in three new colors — charcoal, fog, and coral along with a new price tag of $99, compared to $79 last year. Also, there are speculations that instead of jersey fabric, the device may use nylon this time. We could also hear about some new Daydream- compatible phones at the event.


Google Pixelbook

Last but not the least is a new Chromebook Pixel that Droid Life says will be a high-end Chromebook with a stylus and flip around to function like a tablet.  With one silver color variant, the Pixelbook will have three different storage tiers: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB that will cost $1,199, $1,399, and $1,749 respectively.

The bad news is that the device won’t ship with its stylus, called the Pixelbook Pen, and you will need to shell out an extra$99 for the same.



Though the price tag is too high for a Chromebook, from the looks of it, the device does appear cool with blocky design, big keys and a glass-covered palm rest.

As for the rest of the specifications and features, let's wait for the hardware event that's hardly two weeks away.

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