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Shashwat Chaturvedi

MUMBAI: BPOs are booming in India, but not every entrepreneur can jump into the fray due to high investments and long gestation periods. 

Not anymore, as you can run a call center from a nearby Reliance
. The company has launched a new scheme whereby entrepreneurs can start operating a small-time BPO from a WebWorld store from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. 

As the WebWorlds are already equipped with computers, headsets, etc., all the entrepreneur needs is VoIP minutes.

Sarup Chowdhary, director & chief executive officer, Reliance WebWorld, elaborated on the innovative strategy employed by his company. “Call centers are highly successful in India and with this venture we allow small entrepreneurs to open up shop with limited capital. We already have world-class infrastructure in place, all he/she needs to do is get the people and start operations. This facility is best for 12-20 seater outbound call center ventures,” he said.

Reliance WebWorld has already stuck five deals in diverse parts of India, from metros like Hyderabad to smaller cities and towns like Merut, Saharanpur, Agra and Bhubhaneshwar. 

The company charges Rs. 8000 per seat per month, “So a person can operate a 12 seater call center for less than a lakh of rupees per month,” said Sarup. 

Since the WebWorlds are registered under special provisions of the Shops & Establishment Act, they can operate 24x7 and even have female workers taking nightshifts.

“We also provide a security guard and systems person to troubleshoot any technical problems,” he added.

Sarup is excited about the fact that new entrepreneurs are making the best of this business opportunity, “Of the five deals, four are new entrepreneurs and the one in Hyderabad is an existing operator who wants to make use of additional capacity,” he said. 

“We are targeting 50 deals in this year, four per circle. That should be fine with us,” he added.

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