Website reveals personal details of 60,000 bosses

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BEIJING: The privacy of over 60,000 company bosses in China's Shanghai city is in peril after their personal details were displayed on a website.


By typing the words "Shanghai company bosses" into the search engine of the Baidu's testing database,, a surfer can get detailed information on local companies and their senior officials, the Shanghai Daily reported Monday.

The information includes their names, mobile phone numbers and company and home addresses.

The number of such files reached up to 100 on the website, covering over 60,000 people from local companies - mainly middle and small-scale private enterprises.


Private information about some local celebrities, including singers, sports stars and actors, is also on the website.

According to Baidu's regulations, victims who found their private information had been leaked illegally on the website can report whoever uploaded the files to the website.

Baidu will delete such files from its website if they are proved to be illegally released private information.

Meanwhile, a lawyer warned residents not to upload those files as their actions could lead to prosecution and possible fines for infringement of privacy.

Surprisingly, many bosses who were angered by scam calls or messages told Shanghai Daily that they did not plan to sue the file uploaders or report them to the police