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LEWES, USA: WebDNA Software Corporation, developer of Internet technology products has announced the release of WebDNA 6.2, a powerful server-side scripting language that simplifies the creation of complex e-commerce sites, web applications, and intranet office automation solutions.


WebDNA 6.2 introduces additional benefits for a comprehensive feature set designed to meet the requirements and challenges web designers and developers face in today's market.

"Because of WebDNA's unique single syntax system, we are able to keep our development costs down allowing us to provide very feature rich interactive websites for a fraction of the cost of other solutions." says Matthew Perosi, chief technology officer of Psi Prime, a New Jersey based web design firm.

"WebDNA has also saved us money in training costs as bringing new developers up to speed happens in far less time than other languages" says Perosi. "For these reasons as well as others we are thrilled to see this latest version of WebDNA and the commitment to the developer community it represents."


"The web solutions of today and in the future will depend on strong, intelligent programming such as what is made possible by WebDNA 6.2" said Christophe Billiottet, president, WebDNA Software Corporation.

"No longer does the professional web developer need to depend on piecing together weak "spaghetti code" technologies to keep costs down, nor do they need to break the bank to produce the best quality web solutions. WebDNA 6.2 represents the evolution of a technology widely considered to be a powerful competitor to PHP," added Billiottet.

WebDNA allows the developer to build a wide range of applications, from basic form-to-email to highly sophisticated database-driven intranet sites. While it is not a framework like Ruby on Rails, WebDNA replaces multiple instructions with a single one, allowing the developer to code as much as 3 times faster than with php or asp. WebDNA's flexibility translates to a very small set of instructions required to build virtually any type of server side application.


Because WebDNA uses the English language and familiar tag structure, basic HTML is the only background needed, making it ideal for the web designer or webmaster to create dynamic sites without relying on outside programming help.

Feature includes:

* Built-in Database: Create an unlimited number of ultra fast, RAM-centric WebDNA databases or interact easily with MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle or PostGres databases.


* Single Syntax System: Database syntax is built-in to the WebDNA language, making WebDNA one of the easiest to learn server-side scripting languages.

* Platform Support: WebDNA runs on the most popular flavors of today's multicore platforms, including Windows, Solaris, OSX and Linux.

* Enhanced Security: Automatic encryption option protects sensitive order information.