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Akamai offers services that try to improve clients' revenue and help them lower their operation cost, says Paul Sagan, CEO, Akamai, in an interview with Malavika Rao. Excerpts of an interview:


How would you describe Web 2.0? And what does it mean for enterprises?

To me Web 2.0 is just a big word that may not have much meaning. People have many perceptions. Some people term it for the social networking capability, while others think of it as an ability to pull together different fragments to have a more dynamic front. I think we are entering a phase where the Internet will affect every industry. Today, the consumer is just a click away from making a choice, and can compare the pricing irrespective of where the store is located. The Internet is dynamic and is pervasive and to me, that is what Web 2.0 stands for.

How does Akamai help enterprises reduce physical infrastructure?

That's one of our prime selling propositions. With Akamai's managed services, there's no infrastructure to build or deploy. We can have you integrated on our platform in just a few days. Typically, the physical infrastructure for enterprises includes facilities, hardware, software and people. These are mostly wasted in trying to manage the Internet. We tell our clients that it is best to 'outsource' this hassle to us, who have a well-defined expertise in the domain. Akamai has created a digital operating environment for the Web. Our global platform helps the Internet withstand the crush of daily requests for rich, dynamic, and interactive content, transactions and applications.

What are the typical requirements of your customers?

One of the primary concerns of our clients is how to efficiently and speedily deliver content, both data and voice, online. Next is how to scale up the ability to handle traffic and provide value. For media content delivery providers, the main challenge is to have the website up and running even under the onslaught of heavy traffic.

So, in what way does Akamai help them handle these situations?

Akamai offers services that try to improve our clients' revenue and help them lower their operation cost. In case of a surge in traffic, if your network is on Akamai, then you will not even notice the difference. Akamai's robust algorithms detect and avoid the Internet problem spots and vulnerabilities. Our managed solutions accelerate applications and help media providers' monetise media assets quickly. Through our EdgeControl Management Center our customers gain insight into worldwide Internet conditions and access to tools to manage their online business.