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Features: Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation, has announced the

launch of Teradata Warehouse 8.2, a suite of software, hardware and consulting

services that builds on capabilities to infuse real-time intelligence into

front-line operations, customer service and strategic planning supporting both

strategic decision-making and thousands of daily operational tasks.

The technical enhancements built into Teradata Warehouse 8.2 expand its ability
to deliver real-time intelligence. These unique capabilities offer fast

performance, a significant volume of concurrent queries, high-system

availability, event monitoring, easy integration into the enterprise, simplified

system management, and unparalleled support of short operational as well as long

strategic workloads, a Teradata statement said.

Scott Gnau, vice president and general manager of Teradata research and
development, said, “To support our strategic mission to deliver real-time

enterprise intelligence, Teradata has incorporated 44 enhancements and new

features into Teradata Warehouse 8.2. We are committed to continue providing the

most innovative data warehousing solution in the world.”

Warehouse 8.2 incorporates key product refinements identified by
industry-leading customers that rely on their active data warehouse. These

active data warehouses, deployed across many industries, have led to

enhancements that reduce the cost and effort for implementation and increase the

predictability of the mixed workloads, both short-term operational and long-term

strategic queries.

The enhanced Warehouse 8.2 has boosted the speed and predictability of
high-frequency queries from applications that support front-line customer

representatives. Teradata has also partnered with leading software vendors to

offer powerful data warehousing solutions to customers.