VTU enables real time learning with audio-visual integration

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BANGALORE: Genesis IT Innovations, provider of audiovisual integration, has announced that it has successfully implemented audiovisual integration solutions at Visvesvaraya Technology University in Belgaum for its communication requirements with affiliate colleges. Genesis provided complete end-to-end solutions for all AV requirements within a period of six months.


According to the press release, with the educational system equipped with suitable technology the system has undergone a radical change. The advancement in technology aids students to participate in real time learning sessions, availability of archived material and endows students with further learning opportunities.

The project spearheaded by VTU Vice Chancellor Dr. Balaveera Reddy involved video conferencing, transmission and recording, lighting control, sound reinforcement, display technology put on to a control system. All this connected to a user-friendly touch panel. The project also used an innovative technology in the form of a streaming device. This device records the lecture presentations and archives data online, which can then be, extracted by all VTU affiliates for their use.

Genesis IT Innovations MD Shylakumar Balu said," We are delighted to have finished this project. Integrating the streaming device and enabling use in real time involved complicated integration work, which the team successfully completed. This implementation will increase the efficiency and help students immensely by accessing the archive instantaneously. This project is a milestone in the growth of the AV industry and envisions a promising future for the industry."