Vodafone's pug likely to stop chasing bus

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NEW DELHI: It is one of most noticed advertisements on Indian television, but its run is likely to come to an abrupt end for alleged mistreatment to a dog.


The Vodafone advertisement showed a "ready to help" pug chasing a school bus to deliver a tie to its owner, a little girl.

The Animal Welfare Board of India has slapped a legal notice on Vodafone and the agency that produced the ad, saying forcing a pug run amounted to cruelty.

The Board has asked to pull out the ad, which was shot in South Africa.


The Board said it has not given permission for the ad.

Vodafone and the agency denied subjecting the pug to stress. The pug became popular among Indian dog lovers following Hutch ads.

Vodafone, after buying Hutch, retained the pug in its ads.