Reality show 'The Vault' brings veterans on board to judge & fund startup ideas

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The one-of-its-kind TV reality show The Vault, which will curate and present 50 of the most innovative, disruptive and even outlandish business ideas to emerge from Indian households, has now announced new investors for it.


Renowned entrepreneurs - iProspect India’s CEO Vivek Bhargava, People Group’s Founder, CEO Anupam Mittal and The Beer Cafe’s Founder & CEO Rahul Singh - are now set to come together as investors at The Vault. Both Vivek and Rahul will be amongst the main investors on The Vault, while Anupam will be associated with the show as a guest investor.

Jatin Goel, Creator, The Vault, said, “Having names like Vivek, Anupam and Rahul, who have proven their entrepreneurial acumen time and again, on board as investors on the show is a massive shot in the arm for us. We are confident that their involvement will provide the superlative mentorship required by emerging entrepreneurs to achieve scale and success.”

Vivek Bhargava, iProspect India’s CEO, is a connoisseur in the field of digital marketing and brand strategies with nearly two decades of experience.


Commenting on the announcement, Vivek said, “The entrepreneurial ecosystem in India needs a concept like The Vault, where entrepreneurs not only get access to instant funding but also gain mentorship from established Indian entrepreneurs with a proven track record of success.”

Rahul Singh, Founder & CEO, The Beer Cafe, is an entrepreneur who mortgaged his only house to fund his business vision of establishing an all-day beer-focused dining destination. He said, “My own venture started off as a dream and I know first-hand the kind of hardships any entrepreneur can face. I applaud The Vault for demystifying the investment and mentoring process through its novel approach.”

Anupam Mittal, Founder & CEO, People Group, owns several successful internet-based businesses such as cabs,,, and mobile internet company Mauj Mobile. Anupam will also be associated with the show as a guest investor. Agreeing with his fellow investor's comment, he further added, “The Vault, apart from its obvious infotainment value, is also a social responsibility aimed at nurturing entrepreneurship across the country by educating viewers about how businesses are often created from scratch with nothing but a vision to change things.”

With 50 lucky ideas to be shortlisted for the show, which is scheduled to be televised in October, entrepreneurs can give their business ideas a big boost by logging on to The Vault site.