VeriFone plans fresh offensive

CIOL Bureau
New Update

BANGALORE: Coinciding with its tenth anniversary, VeriFone India Ltd., a

division of Hewlett Packard has announced its new end-to-end e-payment solution

strategy. Under this initiative, VeriFone India will advance its positioning

with key product and solution development in terminal appliances and eCommerce.

In line with HP’s reinvention strategy, VeriFone is re-inventing e-payment,

providing end-to-end solutions to customers and extending these solutions into

new markets such as mobile commerce. This reinvention also encompasses internal

processes and applications, another area where VeriFone India is playing a key

role, with its Bangalore-based Global Business Systems Development Organization,

which develops business applications for VeriFone worldwide.


Speaking about the last 10 years, VeriFone Australasian Region managing

director John Warren said, "Over the last decade, VeriFone India has

achieved numerous successes. On the application side, the organization has

designed and developed products such as the Verix Developer Toolkit, TXO

Operating Environment, TXO Workbench, Vericenter Appliance Management Suite,

Mondex POS, PROTON Electronic Purse Application and Visa Cash. On the eCommerce

side, product ownership includes VeriFone’s OmniHost, e-Payment Server, vPOS

and vGate. The professional service organization in Bangalore has developed and

deployed a wide range of solutions for customers worldwide, including India. And

most of VeriFone’s CRM and business operations software has been developed and

deployed from VeriFone India."

"VeriFone India has been a leading R&D facility within the VeriFone

world, having quickly migrated from project work to core R&D on products and

solutions that have shaped VeriFone’s leading solutions," said VeriFone

Appliance Payment Operation general manager Eric Lecesne.

Established in India in January 1990, VeriFone India was largely responsible

for the company’s worldwide shift from hardware to software initiatives. These

product initiatives like OmniHost and VeriTalk became industry standard

solutions in the area of secure e-payments. Currently, the company has 60 per

cent market share in India for e-payment solutions. Without giving much

information on the expansion plans, Warren said that this year, VeriFone India

plans for major expansion plans and aims to achieve 25 per cent growth in

revenues for the coming fiscal.