USB power delivery — new solution for universal charging

New Update

HSINCHU, TAIWAN: Managing power delivery of up to 100 watts via Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an important step in enabling a flexible, standardized power management ecosystem. Etron Technology, Inc. announced its latest USB Power Delivery (PD) Controller IC - EJ888, based on the USB-IF's USB Power Delivery Rev. 1.0 specification, which enables USB power delivery from 10 watts to 100 watts, and significantly reduces device charging time.


In addition, it makes power delivery more flexible by adding full bi-directional power that can be renegotiated as system power needs change with the end-user. EJ888 optimizes user mobility by allowing data transmission and power delivery to be combined on a single USB cable. Its advanced power voltage, power stream, and communication features enable low-power-consumption devices, such as phones and MP3 players, and even higher-power-consumption appliances, such as computer monitors and laptops, to be powered via USB.

In a modern life full of various kinds of consumer electronics, power supply voltage and current demands can vary from one cable, charger, and battery to another. In recent years, consumer demand for lower-carbon products and services is growing. USB power delivery is a new power-supply solution that has the potential to greatly reduce electronic waste by eliminating proprietary chargers.

Micro-USB is the de facto solution for device charging and USB Power Delivery enables the next significant move toward universal charging. The European Union now requires cellular phone vendors to use Micro USB for charging. In addition, the government of the People's Republic of China is envisioning a significant move toward universal charging based on USB. Etron is one of the leaders in delivering USB Power Delivery Controller ICs, including EJ888. Furthermore, the new USB PD market opportunity has the potential to promote the prosperity of the industry as a whole.