Unisphere expands ‘the Edge’ with multi-service edge router

CIOL Bureau
New Update

BANGALORE: Unisphere Networks has introduced the MRX, the industry’s first

multi-service edge router. The MRX is designed to meet the multi-service

requirements at the edge of service provider networks by integrating

carrier-class IP routing, native ATM switching, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

and IP services in a single platform, with capacity scaling from 40 Gbps to 320



"The MRX expands Unisphere Networks’ edge routing product portfolio

and complements its award-winning ERX Edge Routers currently deployed in more

than 150 service provider networks worldwide. With a wide range of optical

interfaces ranging from OC-3 to OC-48 and Gigabit Ethernet, the MRX provides the

ability to mix and match port speeds, and for the first time, mix and match

native ATM, POS and MPLS protocols on a single line module," a official

release stated.

This unique any service, any port, any channel capability makes the MRX

Multi-Service Edge Router a more cost-effective choice for incumbent service

provider networks that require both ATM and IP functionality. The capacity and

service delivery of the MRX can be used in a number of service provider edge

applications, such as circuit aggregation and Metropolitan Area Networks, where

Gigabit Ethernet is the transport option of choice.

"In keeping with Unisphere Networks’ global perspective, we designed

the MRX to meet the evolving edge requirements of incumbent service providers

around the world," said Unisphere Networks, president and CEO, James Dolce.

"The MRX combines IP routing and ATM switching capabilities in a single,

integrated product, which enables service providers to expand their service

portfolios across both ATM-based and IP-based networks with a platform that

provides a migration path to a common IP-based network."

"An emerging market segment is the multi-service edge router -- one that

has scalability approaching that of a core router, supports multiple

technologies such as ATM, IP and MPLS, and is service focused," said Scott

Clavenna, president, PointEast Research. "Unisphere's MRX addresses service

providers’ requirements for better optimizing CapEx spending with flexible

platforms that support both current and future services."