Ultimate FDMA digital PMR chipset

New Update

MALDON, ESSEX: CML Microcircuits has released an update to their FDMA Digital PMR Processors to enable straight connection to the market leading Direct Conversion Receiver, delivering the Ultimate FDMA Digital PMR chipset.


Low operating power, small size, low cost, flexibility and high performance are key factors in the forward direction of digital PMR. Built on CML's flexible FirmASIC technology, the CMX7131/CMX7141 FDMA Digital PMR Processors can be adapted to address market driven requirements and now include direct connection to the market leading Direct Conversion Receiver IC, the CMX994.

The chipset addresses these market needs and enables the possibility of a single radio platform, to deliver multiple digital PMR systems.

A number of CMX7131/CMX7141 Function Images now support direct connection to the CMX994 DCRx IC. Function Images include a comprehensive feature set and encompass much of esach system Air Interface, minimising the overall host support required. dPMR TS 102 658 mode 1/2/3, ARIB STD-T98, ARIB STD-T102 and conventional Analogue PMR are currently supported.


The CMX994 is a market leading Direct Conversion Receiver (DCRx) IC. DCRx enables on-chip integration, allowing a very small RF receiver to be realised with minimal external components. Improvements in semiconductor technologies have seen DCRx increasingly displace superhet as the technology choice for Software Defined Radios (SDR).

The combination of the CMX7131/CMX7141 and CMX994 enables the highest integration, multi-standard FDMA digital/analogue PMR to be realised and is specifically targeted at the next generation FDMA Digital PMR radio designs.

The CMX7131/CMX7141 and Function Images are available now, with low power 3.3V operation in small VQFN/LQFP packaging.