Uber’s VP of product Ed Baker quits; another harassment allegation against the company

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Uber’s VP of product and growth, Ed Baker has resigned from the company. As reported by Recode, Marketplace head Daniel Graf is taking over Baker’s responsibilities and will be the interim head of product and marketplace.


“I have always wanted to apply my experience in technology and growth to the public sector,” Baker wrote in an email to employees, obtained by Recode. “And now seems like the right moment to get involved.”

Baker joined Uber in 2013 and before that headed international growth at Facebook. He joined Facebook after the social media giant acquired his dating app

Baker’s resignation comes after that of Amit Singhal, senior VP of engineering, who was shown the door by Uber CEO Travis Kalanick himself. Apparently, Singhal did not inform the company about allegations of sexual harassment levied at him during his Google stint and Kalanick did not want more controversies for his already troubled ship.


But looks like, nothing is working out for Uber. While the company is yet to douse off the Susan Fowler case, another former employee has spoken her mind out over Medium, talking about sexism, disrespect and condescending behavior at the hands of a female manager at Uber.

“In my time there, I saw malicious fights for power, interns repeatedly putting in over 100 hours a week but only getting paid for 40, discrimination against women, and prejudice against the transgender community,” wrote Keala Lusk, a former Uber software engineer.

Looks like, its not just Kalanick who needs some immediate help, even his ship needs some urgent repair.