Uber’s head of developer platform, Chris Saad resigns

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Chris Saad, the head of Uber’s developer platform has left the company after close to two years of service, reports TechCrunch.


For Saad, the ride-hailing company that's mired in a series of scandals and controversies at the moment isn't the right choice going forward as 'he wants to be somewhere that’s making big, bold bets on developers.'

Interestingly, Saad has been quite vocal about ">his disappointment with former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s forced resignation. “Travis embodied (and in some cases taught) me these things,” he wrote in a Facebook post in the hours after his resignation. “There wasn’t a moment or a minuscule detail that he noticed that he didn’t immediately spring into action to help me solve — with that wry smile and enthusiastic glint in his eye. The cost of losing him as Uber’s CEO will be incalculable.”

Saad joined Uber as the head of product for the developer platform in April 2015 after four years as co-founder of real-time engagement web and app tool startup Echo. Joining shortly after the launch of Uber’s first API, he built the platform team responsible for embedding “Request a ride” buttons in other apps, testing ways for merchants to give Uber discounts for rides to their stores, and offering mid-ride content from partners like Snapchat.