UberEMPOWERS: Uber's initiative to make senior citizens go digital

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CIOL-UberEMPOWERS: Uber's initiative to make senior citizens go digital

DELHI, INDIA: Uber conducted a workshop for senior citizens – UberEMPOWERS, in partnership with ANTS Digital at Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. Through this initiative, Uber aims to digitally equip citizens above the age of 50 and help them feel empowered in their daily lives whether it's independently requesting for an Uber, communicating via WhatsApp, searching online for doctors or specialists, booking appointments or shopping online.

“We understand that many seniors face challenges daily due to lack of digital knowledge and the younger generation is always on the move with very little time to support them with the required information. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to use this workshop as a platform to help seniors to live a simpler and independent life. The partnership with ANTS Digital has enabled us in successfully organizing and conducting the UberEMPOWERS workshop for the very first time and the response has motivated us to schedule the same across more parts of the NCR region,” said Prabhjeet Singh, General Manager, Uber India.

The 4-hour workshop conducted by a digital consultant from ANTS Digital was attended by over 50 participants. The session took the senior citizens in detail through internet browsing, digital communication, app browsing, cyber security, utility applications, banking and finance and online shopping. The company plans to take UberEMPOWERS soon to Delhi and then to other parts of the country.

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