Uber launches analytics platform Restaurant Manager under UberEATS

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CIOL Uber launches analytics platform Restaurant Manager under UberEATS

Uber has launched Restaurant Manager, an analytics platform for Uber’s restaurant partners participating in its food delivery service, UberEATS.


“We’re launching this tool for restaurant partners globally to use as the single place for managing day-to-day operations, digging into feedback and information that results in data-driven decisions. Now, restaurants will have access to insights about their service quality, customer satisfaction, and sales alongside access to the tools to make specific adjustments to improve their business,” Uber said announcing the new service.

The web-based dashboard provides clear and comprehensible visuals and metrics around what customers like and don’t like about a particular business. It will get them specific feedback around menu items and dishes, and give a better understanding of how satisfied customers are with a restaurant overall.

Notably, the platform can even get a minute and precise detailing like how a particular dish on the menu is doing and can improve other aspects of the business, including demand and inventory prediction, and preparation time.