Uber is rolling out Snapchat custom filters in India

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CIOL Uber is rolling out Snapchat custom filters in India

Ride-sharing app Uber will begin a phased roll-out of a unique integration with Snapchat in India from tomorrow. With this new feature, riders will be able to unlock custom Snapchat filters on their ride.


From letting their friends know when they’ll arrive with the ETA filters, to selecting a mystery filter for an added surprise, they now have a fun and social way to share that they’re in an Uber.

CIOL Uber is rolling out Snapchat custom filters in India

“In our new rider app, we start with the question ‘Where to’ so we can get riders to their destination as fast as possible. However, besides helping riders get to their destinations, we want to focus on the trip experience itself and make sure riders enjoy the journey. Technology is helping us personalise every ride, making the experience fun and delightful. With this integration, our riders can now Snap along the way and share their Uber moments with friends and family!” said Apurva Dalal, Head of Engineering, Uber India.

The said feature is simple to use. An existing Snapchat user on an Uber ride will see a Snap card in the Uber feed. Riders can select the type of filter they want to unlock, take a selfie, and then swipe right. They can even use Uber filters with another Snap lens for double the fun.

The Snapchat integration will be available for riders on both Android and iOS in India.

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