Uber fires over 20 employees after sexual harassment probe

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In a bid to get things back on track, Uber has been in a damage control mode these days. The ride-hailing company has fired more than 20 employees as part of an independent investigation into sexual harassment and other workplace malpractice claims at the company, according to Bloomberg.


Perkins Coie, the law firm that conducted this investigation, focused on individual claims that employees reported through an anonymous tip line as well as the allegations former engineer Susan Fowler published in February.

The investigation uncovered over 200 reports of inappropriate conduct, like harassment, bias, bullying, discrimination, and retaliation. Half of the reported incidents were dismissed with no action taken, while 31 employees are in training or counselling, and seven were handed written warnings. Fifty-seven cases are still being investigated.


To this Uber's ex-engineer Susan Fowler made a sarcastic tweet

Susan Fowler, a former engineer, published her account of rampant sexism and harassment. Fowler’s story went viral, and since then other engineers have corroborated her description of Uber’s toxic workplace.

Just yesterday, Uber announced it has hired Francis Frei, an academic from Harvard Business School known for taking on gender issues, to take on a new role as SVP of leadership and strategy.