Truecaller partners with MapMyIndia and FactChecker for COVID-19 healthcare information

Truecaller, MayMyIndia and FactChecker have come together to provide Covid Healthcare Directory with fact-checked, verified and accurate information.

Laxitha Mundhra
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Truecaller partners with MapMyIndia and FactChecker for COVID-19 healthcare information

Caller ID platform, Truecaller has partnered with MapMyIndia and FactChecker. The trio aims to improve the Covid Healthcare Directory feature by providing updated information. The feature SOS India4U, a fact-checking platform by Govindraj Ethiraj will further help the trio to fact-check and provide accurate information.


Rishit Jhunjhunwala, MD India, Truecaller outlined that the company is doing everything possible to extend help to communities and those on the frontlines to battle these challenging times. “With this partnership, we are hopeful to provide people with some relief with finding the right locations and verified contacts for hospitals, beds, and basic medical facilities. We are also optimistic that the new feature will be able to provide some assistance for medical requirements. It will also help our mission of fighting the virus together.”

What is the partnership about?

The geospatial IoT platform MapmyIndia has a database of 60k+ resources. For example, vaccination centres, covid designated hospitals, test centres, etc. Users can easily access details and a location map by tapping on the MapmyIndia banner inside Truecaller. Rohan Verma, CEO and Executive Director, MapmyIndia said. “In MapmyIndia’s mission to combat Covid-19, we are fortunate to partner with Truecaller. The embedded MapmyIndia widget will enable Truecaller’s 200 million Indian users to identify or navigate to covid designated hospitals, test centres, care centres, vaccination centres and more. With information at a glance, this partnership can thus help save precious lives.”

FactChecker team, on the other hand, constantly verifies contact numbers included in Covid Relief. The platform helps people reach out to the right contacts in their hour of need, providing quick relief to patients. “We are happy to join hands with Truecaller to expand the reach of SOS India4U, an extension of our fact-checking work; first-hand verification of resources,” said Govindraj Ethiraj. The platform will take users to verified information on medical resources. The portal will further connect organizations that millions around the country can donate to.

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