Truecaller introduces ability to scan numbers and make payments

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Truecaller introduces some cool new features that lets you make payments easily

Truecaller is introducing some new features on its platform such as Number Scanner, Scan & Pay, Fast Track numbers. This means that now one can scan numbers from billboards, street signs, business cards and websites and pay directly using its UPI-payment service, Truecaller Pay.


With the number scanner, point your camera at a number – no matter if it’s handwritten, in print, or on signage – and Truecaller will scan and dial it for you.

"The way we have integrated with UPI, you will be able to make payments to anyone in your contacts that has any UPI address in a few clicks" Truecaller co-founder and CEO Alan Mamedi told ETtech at the time of launch. “We want to enable our users to have the proper resources to receive relevant information quickly digitally and in their surrounding physical environment,” stated the Truecaller blog.

Truecaller lets you scan numbers and make payments


Scan & Pay lets users scan a number and pay directly through Truecaller Pay. The company says that this is more convenient way to send quick payments than using QR codes.

The company has also introduced Fast Track, a feature that integrates toll-free emergency numbers for services like police, fire, medical care, women’s helpline, roadside assistance as well as other essential categories to provide accessibility without an internet connection.

"These new features make Truecaller even more relevant in the real world. When you see an important phone number, you can directly pull it into your phone with Truecaller and use it, in seconds, to connect or make a payment. Also, during critical moments you can reach out to the right company, person or service with a single tap with Fast track numbers," said Narayan Babu, Director of Product & Engineering at Truecaller.

The new features should be available in Truecaller's Android app in the next few days.

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