Trina Solar intros new modules, racking system

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CHANGZHOU, CHINA: Trina Solar Limited, a provider of solar photovoltaic (PV) products, announced on Wednesday the launch of a three-pronged service solution featuring complimentary design services, newly available high performance 'Honey' modules and the rapid install Trinamount racking system.


This new design service comes online as Trina Solar also announces the availability of its high performance 60-cell, up to 260 Watt Honey module series for North America. The new Honey cell is produced using cutting edge process tools supplied by North American vendors, said a press release.

The cells feature a number of advancements including greater surface area and more efficient capture of sunlight, resulting in more power per area. Laboratory tests, confirmed by TUV Rheinland in September 2011, demonstrated that a 60 Honey cell module set a world record for multicrystalline module power by reaching a 274 Watt peak.

Compared to industry standard 230 Watt modules, a typical flat rooftop system using comparably sized 260 Wp Honey modules could produce over 18 percent more electricity per year from the same roof area. By combining high performing Honey modules with the fast mounting Trinamount system, customers can install Trinamount Honey systems up to 4.5 times faster while shaving installation costs by up to 10 per cent.

"Honey panels, plus Trinamount, plus design services move us toward a 'total solution' to our partners and end users," said Mark Kingsley, chief commercial officer of Trina Solar.

He added that Trina's ongoing commitment to delivering better panels and more robust services to their customers keeps us ahead of the curve in the dynamic global PV market.