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BANGALORE, INDIA: NetSpec Global and Universal Learn Today, the learning division of The India Today Group, launched the first edition of their annual event, EdSummit last week- a two-day conference on education technology for school heads.  The aim of the summit was to raise awareness about the need to provide every child with quality education through modern technology.


This was demonstrated by NetSpec Global by conducting workshops of their innovative collaborative platform called the Jumping Frog. Highlighting it as a “Student Management Software System”, the company referred to it as a cloud-based application that is free to use and requires zero infrastructural costs.

This app focuses on enabling meaningful communication between students, teachers and parents beyond the classroom.

Specifically, it facilitates students to create a comprehensive e-profile that defines their personality, identifies their competencies and highlights their achievements. This comprehensive academic dashboard can perform academic analytics and generate an insightful academic progress report. It also enables the faculty to carry out personality analytics in order to identify individual interest areas of the students and eventually help them with their career choices.


Rrajesh Bakshi, founder and chief architect of NetSpec Global said: “The importance of active collaboration between the stakeholders has always been felt in the education arena but still overlooked. Jumping Frog aims to change that and other mindsets that are opposed to technological advancements in education.  Jumping Frog develops a healthy, transparent and productive environment for all stakeholders.”

Sam Al Schamma, director of education, Asia Pacific, Intel Corporation said, “Aligned to our vision of education transformation, the summit brings together educators and solution providers that share the objective of improving the quality and access to education for all with the help of technology.”

The entire summit was an effort to hold a dialogue amongst visionaries regarding what digital leadership should look like in schools and provide a platform to thought leaders to discuss decision-making strategies regarding educational technology.


There were long brainstorming sessions and rigorous discussions that brought forth multiple points of view and way forward for technology in education.

RajendraPawar, co-founder of the NIIT group and a visionary thought leader summarized that educators are committed, not involved. “To take education to the next level, we have to involve ourselves with technology,” he pointed out.

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