Transcend launches high-speed SSD

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NEW DELHI, INDIA: Memory products manufacturer Transcend Information Inc. today introduced its new product, 64GB high-speed SLC 2.5-inch Solid State Disk (SSD).


Unlike traditional hard disk drives, SSDs are made of reliable NAND flash memory that contains no moving parts. Hence these are not susceptible to mechanical failure resulting from vibration, shock or heat, according Transcend.

Apart from the durability benefits of solid-state technology, the extremely low power consumption and ultra-fast data transfer speeds make SSD ideal for consumer electronics as well as industrial systems and military applications, said a press release.

Transcend’s 2.5" SSD can be used in most notebook computers and mainstream PCs just like a regular hard drive, said Austin Huang, regional head - sales, SAARC and APAC, Transcend.


“When it comes to performance, Transcend’s new SLC flash memory -equipped 64GB SSD offers data transfer rates that greatly surpass even the fastest 2.5" hard drives, delivering data read / write speeds of up to 119MB and 64MB per second, respectively,” he added.

While the integrated ECC (Error Correction Code) of the SSD ensures highly reliable data transfer and increases system integrity, its built-in wear leveling technology also guarantees ultra-long storage lifespan and data-retention durability for prolonged use.

With no moving parts, SSDs run cool, generate no noise, and require very little power for operation, said the release. The SSDc are available in capacities ranging from 8 GB to 64GB in both SATA and IDE versions.

“Transcend is preparing to release even higher capacity and greater speed Solid State Disks in the near future”, Mr.Huang further added.