TRAI proposes 74 p.c. FDI in Mobile TV

CIOL Bureau
New Update

NEW DELHI, INDIA: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has proposed 74 per cent Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in mobile television services in its recommendation submitted to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.


The regulator projected bidding process for allocation of license for offering Mobile TV service. On the issue of license fees to be paid by the operators, TRAI suggested that the license for mobile television service should be granted through a closed tender system on the basis of one-time entry fees quoted by the bidders.

“The reserve entry fee for a particular license area should be 50 per cent of the highest financial bid submitted for that particular license area. The license fee should be charged at four per cent of the gross revenue for each year or at 10 per cent of the entry fee limit for the concerned license area, whichever is higher,” according to a TRAI statement.

Telecom operators with CMTS or UASL licenses would be able to offer mobile TV services on their own network using the frequency or spectrum already allotted to them. Telecom operators would not require any further license or permission.

“Besides state-run television network Doordarshan, private mobile television operators may be assigned at least one slot of eight MHz each for mobile television operation in UHF Band V from 585 MHz to 806 MHz,” the statement added.

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