Toshiba brings Wipe feature for hard drives

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TOKYO, JAPAN: Toshiba Corporation announced Wipe for Toshiba Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) models. Wipe is a new hard drive feature that can wipe out data after the storage devices are powered down or when a SED HDD is removed from the system.


Toshiba announced its latest 2.5" 7200rpm SED HDD model in July 2010.

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The company claims that Wipe can automatically invalidate an HDD security key when its power supply is turned off. The Wipe feature is based on the Trusted Computing Group "Opal" storage specification, which allows users to protect stored against theft or loss.

Beyond PCs, Toshiba wants to put this feature on storage devices in copiers and printers, which handle secure documents in digital imaging environments.