Top 4 Software Tools for Managing Full Stack Development Teams

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Full stack development is one of the most complex projects you can undertake. Superb full stack developers understand every aspect of software development, comprehending every layer of the stack. They engineer the backend and help craft the front-end of web and mobile software applications.


Managing full stack development teams can be complicated. Even if you’re using agile or lean project methodologies, full stack development projects can hit major roadblocks. To avoid backlogs and bottlenecks, premier software applications and services for team communication and collaboration are essential.


Whatever project your full stack team is working on, there a few software products


1. Jira

Jira is a comprehensive project management cloud-based software service. It allows companies to create teams, invite users, assign tasks, and track progress. It’s ideal for software teams that need to integrate code repository tools, to generate burndown charts, and post tasks to integrated Kanban boards.


Dedicated full stack developers can access code, commit changes, and complete tasks within their own project dashboard. Suggesting changes, announcing project initiatives, and collaborating with great full stack developers is easy through Jira.


Although the program takes a bit of getting used to as it is very comprehensive, it’s worth the time and effort to learn the ropes.


2. Slack

Slack is one of the most popular communication applications on the market. Slack is basically a chat room for your business. Teams can create their own chat rooms, direct message team members, and integrate software tools to help track, deliver, and manage project tasks.


Asynchronous communication is simplified through the instant messenger-like program. Instead of important updates getting lost in email or memos, team members can communicate swiftly and directly.


Slack integrates with Kanban-style management tools like Trello. Chatbots and AI assistants are also easy to configure, helping full stack development tools stay on track and on time and within the budget.


3. GitHub

Keeping track of code is impossible without a great code repository. GitHub is one of the best code versioning tools out there as accounts are completely free, free repository data is quite spacious, and the GitHub community is massive.


Paid versions of GitHub are also available, opening up premium features like private code repositories, which can be useful for corporate full stack development teams.


Suggesting revisions and committing code changes is a much simpler process through the use of GitHub. There are also many apps you can use to supplement GitHub’s capabilities.


4. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best software services available. Instead of switching between Dropbox and email, use Google’s built-in cloud service.


With Google Drive, teams can directly edit team documents, software requirements, and other resources. Team members can also access protected files, suggest changes to them, and ping other users with comments and tasks.


Full stack developers stay on for the entire duration of the software development process. Therefore, they will need access to software documents and team resources. Staying on top of changes in design will help them with implementation.


Google drive is automatically integrated with your Gmail account, so every team member is likely to be equipped with the free software service. Company Gmail accounts can also be extremely useful; giving you access to team drives and a greater amount of space.



Full stack developers need a lot of resources to get their job done. Thankfully, there are many software applications that can help you better organize and manage a full stack development team.


Great full stack developers will be able to perform better with project management software services like Jira. Managers can input goals and tasks, generate project reports, and integrate third-party applications to leverage team data.


Communication is important for every full stack development team. Using business communication apps like Slack can ease frustrations, reduce miscommunication, and boost productivity.


Tools like GitHub and Google Drive make it easier for everyone on the full stack development team to track changes in the code, the software documentation, and other team documents. Using their free or paid tiers can help get everyone on the same page.


The software tools listed above can be extremely helpful for full stack developers and their managers. Consider using them for your next full stack development project.

By Anthony Coggine, Business Analyst

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