The Top 3 Incredible Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

The sheer amount of manpower required to go through endless data points. But, artificially intelligent computer programs can go through data rapidly.

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Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is advancing every single day, whether we realize it or not. Every time we use Siri or Cortana, they get smarter. Every time we use autocomplete on our smartphone or within our email apps, the program learns how to better adapt.


AI is advancing at an incredible pace. The applications of AI are seemingly innumerable and have helped industries across the globe achieve greater optimization. The technology alone has produced businesses and jobs faster than almost anything else. Big data has created a better world for us all as it has allowed us to access medical records in seconds and it has helped the science community greatly in terms of research and application.

Three main things are causing this incredible advancement in artificial intelligence. Read on to find out what they are and how they are affecting the AI community.

Here are the top 3 advancements in Artificial Intelligence that you need to know about:


1. Big data is making progress faster

Big data is amazing. We all produce petabytes of data every single day. The amount of data from emails, blogs, and social media is truly gigantic — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But how do we harness the power of big data? If we’re producing information faster than we can process it, how is big data useful to us at all?


Thankfully, advancements in artificial intelligence have helped organize, catalogue, and analyze big data. The sheer amount of manpower required to go through endless data points would simply be impossible to reach. But, artificially intelligent computer programs can go through data rapidly, making mining, collating, and assessing big data possible.

2. AI APIs are open to everyone

Google, IBM, and Microsoft all have state-of-the-art cloud platforms. On these platforms, they have cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning programs. Any and everyone is free to utilize their AI APIs if they agree to a relatively inexpensive monthly subscription.


These powerful AI APIs can be integrated into a plethora of programs and products. This allows businesses big and small to create robust and functional software products with AI capabilities. This has led to an explosion in AI and its applications.

Other machine learning and AI APIs are available on the web and are completely open-source, which can help solopreneurs jumpstart their AI startup.

3. Open AI initiatives are making AI open source


Computer scientists have been working on artificial intelligence for quite a long time. For decades they have sought out an underlying algorithm or formula that could replicate general learning.

Machines have gotten very good at specific tasks, but general learning, or deep learning, imbue machines with the ability to transfer things they’ve learned from practising one skill to another skill they need to acquire.

Solving this problem has been unbearably difficult for academics, captains of industry, tech product managers, and engineers alike. But, by making AI research open to everyone, advancements in AI are happening much more quickly than ever before.



AI can bend and work for your specific needs so that you don’t miss any valuable information or go without vital records. Analyzing big data has also helped marketing a great deal and continues to prove itself as a necessary technology. There have also been incredible advancements for those who are interested in developing technology or studying it.

Luckily, the AI APIs are available to anybody who is interested in building AI technology and now there are countless ways to apply them. AI is becoming increasingly open source as well, which makes them even more accessible and adaptable.


This means a great deal to researchers and developers who are always looking for the next advancement. Many of the top AI labs today are working towards a high-level AI goal. This essentially means that they are trying to create truly intelligent computers that can handle a number of things at once.

The greater the access to AI then the better the chances are that innovation occurs. AI’s applications in business are also exploding as businesses begin to realize the great benefits of the technology. AI technology is already helping many businesses today with communication and collaboration.

Companies like Slack are using the technology to make working easier on everyone by opening more communication channels and scheduling meetings automatically. AI is advancing so quickly that we can barely keep up and that seems to be a very good thing.

Joshua Althauser