Top 10 Certifications For 2019

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Simplilearn’s list of Top 10 Certifications For 2019 includes the top 10 popular and trending certifications that pay you well in the current market. These are the highest paying certifications that you need to take up in order to make a successful career in the year of 2019.

  1. Digital Marketing
  • Certifications: Google Ads Fundamentals; Facebook Certified Planning Professional; HubSpot Content; Marketing; Hootsuite Social Marketing; Simplilearn – Digital Marketing Specialist (Master’s Program)
  • Pre-requisites: Best practices of online advertising, managing and optimizing ad campaigns on Google, Facebook and other Social Media; Knowledge of brand awareness, AD Performance and campaign optimization; Understanding how online advertising can be used to meet client goals
  • Job Profiles: Digital Marketing; Analyst; SEO Specialist; SEM Manager; Digital Marketing Manager
  • Exam Fee: $ 0 – 1499
  • Average Salary: $ 87,000
  • Top hiring companies: Amazon; Colgate; Coca Cola; Go Daddy; Quicksilver; Warner Brothers; Berkshire Hathaway INC


  1. Networking
  • Certifications: CISCO: Cisco Certified Network Associate, CISCO: Cisco Certified Network Professional, CISCO: Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, Wireshark Certified Network Analyst
  • Pre-requisites: Knowledge of system and cloud networks and their installation, working and maintenance, designing system configuration, directing system installation and enforcing system standards, Ensuring the integrity of high availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance, understanding on how to perform disaster recovery operations and protecting data, software and hardware from attacks
  • Job Profiles: Network Specialist, Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Network Architect
  • Exam Fee: $ 299 – 1400
  • Average Salary: $ 112,000
  • Top hiring companies: IBM; CISCO; Microsoft; AWS; Citibank; Bank of America; Oracle


  1. Business Intelligence
  • Certifications: CISCO: Tableau Desktop Specialist, Tableau Server Qualified Associate, Microsoft – Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI, QlikView Business Analyst, SAS Certified BI Content Developer
  • Pre-requisites: Good knowledge of BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI, QlikView and SAS, ETL knowledge, Fundamentals of database and query languages such as SQL, Visualization expertise
  • Job Profiles: Tableau Developer, Power BI Developer, QlikView Developer, Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Exam Fee: $ 125 – 250
  • Average Salary: $ 117,000
  • Top hiring companies: IBM; Microsoft; Capital One; Deloitte; BMW


  1. Project Management
  • Certifications: Project Management Institute – Project Management Project Management Professional & Certified Associate in Project Management, Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner, CSM Certified – Certified Scrum Master, EXIN – Agile Scrum Master
  • Pre-requisites: Proficient understanding of strategic and operational areas in project management, Domain knowledge of leading-edge technologies, Expertise in all aspects of project management for the entire life of the project, Experience in managing large scale, cross divisional projects
  • Job Profiles: Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Scrum Master
  • Exam Fee: $ 295 – 405
  • Average Salary: $ 106,000
  • Top hiring companies: DELL, VM Ware, Boeing, HP, AON, SAP, EY


  1. Cyber security
  • Certifications: (ISC) – Certified Information Systems Security Professional, ISACA – Certified Information Security Manager, ISACA – Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control, Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Pre-requisites: Proficient in languages such as .NET, Java, Python, C# and web services like REST and SOAP, understanding of cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, Experience in configuring and working with security tools such as firewalls, anti-virus software, patch management systems, etc., Knowledge of Windows and Linux systems and virtualization
  • Job Profiles: Security Administrator, Cyber Security Engineer, Cyber Security Solutions Architect, Cyber Security Analyst
  • Exam Fee: $ 415 – 950
  • Average Salary: $ 131,000
  • Top hiring companies: Fidelity, HP, Moody’s, Boeing, Wipro


  1. CRM
  • Certifications: Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Platform Developer, Salesforce Platform App Builder, SAP CRM Certification, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Simplilearn – Salesforce Certification Training
  • Pre-requisites: Strong knowledge of front-end technologies like HTML and JavaScript, Good understanding of any one programming language like Java, C# and .NET, Fundamentals of database and REST APIs, Knowledge about customer relationship management tools
  • Job Profiles: CRM Manager, CRM Strategist, Salesforce, Administrator, CRM Developer
  • Exam Fee: $ 250 – 1499
  • Average Salary: $ 135,000
  • Top hiring companies: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Capital One, Honeywell, Salesforce, Wells Fargo


  1. Big Data
  • Certifications: CLOUDERA – CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer, CLOUDERA – CCA Administrator, CLOUDERA – CCA Data Analyst, HORTONWORKS – HDP Certified Developer Big Data Hadoop, HORTONWORKS – HDP Apache Spark Developer, Hortonworks Certified Associates, Simplilearn – Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer, Simplilearn – Big Data and Hadoop Administrator, Simplilearn – Big Data Architect Master’s Program
  • Pre-requisites: In-depth experience in developing data engineering solutions on Hadoop and related platforms, Fundamentals and understanding of traditional Hadoop systems and Cloudera’s CDH and Hortonworks’ Data Platform, working knowledge of Hadoop HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, Sqoop, Hive and Impala along with Apache Spark and related technologies, ETL and SQL knowledge will be an added advantage
  • Job Profiles: Big Data Solutions, Architect, Big Data Administrator, Big Data Developer, Big Data Analyst
  • Exam Fee: $ 100 – 1299
  • Average Salary: $ 137,000
  • Top hiring companies: NVIDIA, JP MORGAN, INTUIT, Go Daddy, Pay Pal, HP


  • Certifications: Simplilearn – DevOps Architect (Master’s Program), Simplilearn – DevOps Certification, Simplilearn – Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Selenium Certifications, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer
  • Pre-requisites:  Knowledge about the DevOps lifecycle and DevOps tools, Knowledge of programming languages, Fundamentals of build, code, test, integrate and maintenance of a software project, Experience in working with DevOps tools on cloud platforms
  • Job Profiles: DevOps Architect, DevOps Engineer, DevOps Manager, DevOps Systems Administrator
  • Exam Fee: $ 150 – 799
  • Average Salary: $ 143,000
  • Top hiring companies: IBM, Lenovo, CISCO, SHELL, Netflix, Microsoft


  1. Cloud Computing
  • Certifications: AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Azure – Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect, Google Professional Cloud Architect, (ISC) – Certified Cloud Security Professional
  • Pre-requisites:  Good understanding of the cloud solutions offered by AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, one year of hands-on experience on designing available, cost-efficient and fault-tolerant systems on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, Hands-on experience using computer, networking, storage and database services, Hands-on experience in deploying and maintaining cloud solutions
  • Job Profiles: Cloud Architect, Cloud Engineer, Cloud Software Developer
  • Exam Fee: $ 150 – 799
  • Average Salary: $ 142,000
  • Top hiring companies: IBM, Microsoft, Google, VMware, American Express, Amazon, GE, Capital One


  1. Data Science and Machine learning
  2. Data Science
  • Certifications: Simplilearn – Data Science with Python, Simplilearn – Data Science with R, Simplilearn – Data Science with SAS, Simplilearn – Data Scientist (Master’s Program)
  • Pre-requisites:  Ability to design, develop and execute solutions to business problems, Expertise in mathematical models, numerical analysis and statistics and working knowledge of any one programming language, Ability to wrangle data (clean, manipulate and organize data) and visualize the results, Fundamentals of machine learning algorithms and how to implement them
  • Job Profiles: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Architect
  • Exam Fee: $ 599 -1299
  • Average Salary: $ 140,000
  • Top hiring companies: IBM, Microsoft, Google, Goldman Sachs, ABB, JPMorgan, GE, Capital One


  1. Machine learning
  • Certifications: Google Cloud: Machine Learning with Tensorflow (Google Cloud Platform), Simplilearn – Machine Learning Certification, Simplilearn – Deep Learning with Tensorflow, Simplilearn – Artificial Intelligence Engineer (Master’s Program)
  • Pre-requisites:  Create and maintain machine learning solutions to solve business problems, have a good expertise on how to implement machine learning algorithms, Knowledge of any one of the popular programming languages like Python, R, Java and SAS, Data engineering skills such as experience in data pre-processing, ETL and database management
  • Job Profiles: Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist, Deep Learning Engineer, AI Engineer
  • Exam Fee: $ 60 – 799
  • Average Salary: $ 140,000
  • Top hiring companies: NVIDIA, Adobe, Boeing, Facebook, Apple, Uber, Citrix

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