TinyOwl improves food ordering experience

The food ordering app, TinyOwl is using Ameyo Customer Engagement Hub to power its inbound and outbound food ordering processes.

Soma Tah
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BANGALORE, INDIA: The food ordering app, TinyOwl is using Ameyo Customer Engagement Hub to power its inbound and outbound food ordering processes.


Prior to implementing Ameyo, TinyOwl had got frequent consumer requests on call drops. This led the company to search for an intelligent contact center technology that was capable of automating the entire dialing process, reducing call abandonments and powering customers’ experience.

Faster deployment, rapid and easy scaling-up, and executing a new service request in flat three days are some of the exceptional attributes of Ameyo that reinforced the choice of technology for TinyOwl.

The abandoned calls, if any, get automatically listed on the Ameyo system which makes it easy for the agents to follow up.

“We have been able to reduce the number of dropped calls from 25% to negligible percentage after its implementation, thus witnessing a significant increase in the business volume,” said Harshvardhan Mandad, Cofounder & CEO, TinyOwl.

TinyOwl has currently 140 licenses from Ameyo which robust both outbound and inbound call processes of TinyOwl. Ameyo has been successfully customized to sync with TinyOwl’s requirements and has carried out URL-based integration with Tinyowl’s in-house CRM as well which will now enable agents to resolve customer queries quicker.

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