Time for Social Media Detox

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Social Media is our bread and butter and we are asking you for a detox! Philanthropy, you see. Some things are beyond material concerns. Ahem-ahem.Alright. But this is really serious. Social Media has become an addiction, bigger than drugs and alcohol. Researchers in the field are talking about how Social networking sites seem to be tightening its grip on youth and adults equally and leading to serious psychological repercussions https://www.ciol.com/is-social-media-causing-depression/ . It’s time perhaps we need some digital cleansing.

Social media is affecting not just thousands but millions of people across the globe. The addiction can be seen in restaurants, in stores, in cars while people are driving. I have personally seen people in my close circle glued on their phones all the time. They are checking and rechecking their profiles even without notifications.

Then of course, there is that anxiety to be highest on “likes” factor for your recent post or to have a friend list running into thousands. People have started basing their self-worth on these trivial things. Even on get-togethers, you don’t see people gelling up with each other so much as they are busy texting on their smartphones.

Digital social networking is affecting the human relationships in the real world. Human interactions, be it between parents and children, or spouses or friends, have all devalued. It’s time to stop and ponder.Time for detox.

Giving it up isn’t easy. Take it one day at a time and set realistic targets.

Deleting the app from your phone is one of the solutions. It makes social media less accessible. People take it as a task to turn on their web browser to check their accounts. If you feel withdrawal symptoms, then use the art of distraction. Engage in something that soothes you down- music or a movie or some soccer match.

I have heard some people using affirmative passwords to log in which help them stay strong during detox. Something like “Iamstillnotdonewithlife” will make logging in guilt-ridden.

But hey, we are not asking you to bid Facebook or Twitter or Whatsapp goodbye forever. Over-dosage of anything is bad. If people know how and where to draw a line, we know the potential and all the good that these social networking sites are doing. In today’s busy world they are our tools to stay connected with friends and family.

Connecting with outside world is important and so is the connection with our inner self beyond the digital world. Sometimes just take few minutes or hours or few days if possible for your own self, locking up that phone in the cupboard drawer. Stay connected but importantlyStay strong.

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