TI launches new DaVinci video SoC

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Global semiconductor major Texas Instruments recently announced the launch of its new TMS320DM8168 DaVinci video system-on-chip (SoC).


Making the announcement, TI said that the new product consolidates all of the capture, compression, display and control functionalities of an HD multi-channel system onto a single chip. Designed specifically for video security and video communications applications, this video SoC offers extreme integration including a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 and a 1 GHz TI C674x digital signal processor (DSP) core, said a press release.

This integration of the DM8168 video SoC drastically reduces system electronic bill of materials (eBOM) costs by 50 per cent, as well as reducing board area and power consumption by replacing the functionality of more than 10 discrete components.

TI said the DM8168 video SoC offers best-in-class performance, up to four times the video compression performance compared to TI’s previous generation SoC, the 1GHz DM6467T, including increased multi-channel density and support for higher resolutions.


For hybrid security DVR solutions, simultaneous 16 channels of H.264 high profile D1 encoding with CIF multi-streaming and eight channels of D1 decoding plus video compositing and graphics blending supporting up to three independent displays, said TI.

Acknowledging the quality of the new chip, John Antanaitis, vice president of product marketing, Video Solutions, Polycom, said, “TI processors are helping us slash bandwidth requirements for our customers, making telepresence more readily available to a broader customer base. This new processor from TI brings another level of integration and video performance that will help drive the future of this industry.”

TI said it provides the TVP5158 video decoder needed to provide glueless interfacing with the DM8168 video SoC, as well as a full suite of analog solutions to address video security or video communications system designs.


Specifically designed for the DM8168 video SoC is a new versatile clock generation product that provides all the necessary system clock frequencies, as well as a new video amplifier that filters for CVBS (composite video broadcast signal), S-video and component video up to 1080p at 60 fps or RGB video signals, it added.