ThoughtWorks to host RubyConf India 2011

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Chicago-based IT consultancy ThoughtWorks and the Innovation and Technology Trust (ITT) have announced the second edition of RubyConf India 2011.


Scheduled on May 28th and 29th in Bangalore, the conference features keynote sessions by Yehuda Katz, Chad Fowler, Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, Nick Sieger and Ola Bini.

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Ruby is a dynamic programming language and web application development framework that works on different platforms and ideal development environment for Agile practitioners.


Ajey Gore, head of technology at ThoughtWorks India said, “ThoughtWorks has always been a strong supporter of emerging technologies that carry the potential to revolutionise the software industry. Ruby is one such technology."

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He added, "We have a very vibrant, flourishing Ruby community in India. One of the biggest benefits of organising this event is that we enable Ruby enthusiasts from around India - and even across the globe - to come together, network, share ideas and learn from each other.”

The conference is supported by Ruby Central, an international non-profit dedicated to the advocacy of the Ruby programming language across the globe.