This cellphone only makes calls, nothing else

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LONDON, UK: If multi-function phones leave you dazed, here's the answer -- a mobile phone that just makes calls and does nothing else has been developed. No MP3, no apps and no, not even texts can be operated on it.


'John's Phone' neither checks Facebook nor follows Twitter feeds. It, however, has a battery life of three weeks and has a manual just one page long, the Sun reported Tuesday.

There's more.

The phone's address book is actually a pen and paper notepad that is tucked behind a flap on the back.


A little smaller than an iPhone, it is 10.5cm long. It is called the "anti-iPhone".

Dutch advertising agency John Doe that created the phone are hoping that it will be a hit with buyers who are left confused by modern technology and youngsters who are buying their first phone.

Costing from 59 pounds in white up to 67 pounds in pink or green, the sole modern feature is the ability to assign ten speed-dial numbers.

"At a time when there is an abundance of choices and oppressive channels, we wanted to develop a simple gadget," designer Diedriekje Bok was quoted as saying.