The Open Source option comes of age

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BANGALORE, INDIA: There has been an explosive growth in the amount of business data. According to IDC’s Digital Universe study, the amount of data stored has grown fiftyfold in the past three years. Business is turning more and more data into useful information, and that trend, combined with increased regulatory and legal accountability, has compounded the problem of how to store, manage, archive, and ensure the safety and security of all this data. Moreover, the window for backing up data has shrunk; for example, an immediate audit request for email records puts incredible demands on IT staff and backup systems.


Open source storage solutions have been gaining momentum over the past five years. The trend is away from tape backup and toward fixed disks for backup and archiving, in part because fixed disks provide better support for RTOs and RPOs. These trends accentuate the need for a thoughtful backup and recovery software solution. Zmanda can expect its two complementary backup and recovery solutions to grow in concert with the need for more storage regardless of the media so long as it maintains a competitive edge by continuously innovating and refining its offerings.

IDC expects the midtier segment of the data protection market to continue to grow, and Zmanda is well-positioned in this market. Entering the enterprise market poses a greater challenge, but if Zmanda can address the challenges described in this paper, the company has a significant opportunity for success.

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