Tencent’s Ying Drone that captures 4k video is on the way

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CIOL Tencent’s Ying Drone that captures 4k video is on the way

Drone is the new 'cool' stuff in the tech industry and it has already come a long way in a very short span of time. The latest entry to the Quadcopter domain is Ying drone by Tencent, the owner of the messaging-app service WeChat. Sounds odd right- a messaging platform entering into drone segment? Not exactly.


Tencent's Ying drone is capable of capturing 4K video and will stream its content at 720 HD quality. The sole purpose of this drone is to stream videos directly to WeChat, which is used by more than 800 million users.

According to Recode, the Ying drone is the first-of-its-kind to be introduced by Tencent for the express purpose of sharing content with other users.


The quadcopter is the result of a partnership among Tencent, Qualcomm, and Zerotech.

Recode further explains that WeChat’s latest entry into drone segment is not surprising. In China, messaging services like WeChat aren’t standalone services and brings a lot of other services, such as "people buy and sell things on the service, as well as using it as a media platform." Equation solved!

The small, foldable quadcopter that weighs less than a pound and comes with a carrying case will be available in the market by the end of October for $299.

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