Telogis for heavy equipment connects mobile resources to IoT

New Update

ENGLAND, UK: Telogis leverages its years of industry experience with the introduction of Telogis for Heavy Equipment, a construction industry specific extension of its comprehensive cloud-based location intelligence platform.


The new product suite allows companies to have visibility into the location and status of all of their heavy equipment and assets. Telogis for Heavy Equipment helps maximise uptime and minimise the overall life cycle cost of a company's high-value investments, whether they are commercial vehicles, plant (yellow iron), non-powered assets or a combination of all three.

Telogis for Heavy Equipment helps companies avoid misuse of assets and maximise utilisation, resulting in safer work environments as well as increased revenues and productivity. Telogis also delivers value and peace of mind to heavy equipment owners by monitoring the location and status of each piece of equipment and providing detailed hours and utilisation reports that help management make more informed decisions about where and how to deploy their most valuable assets.

Configurable geofences can be set up through Telogis for Heavy Equipment that trigger alerts whenever an asset or piece of equipment leaves a job site or yard - even if no ignition has been turned on - reducing the risk of theft and maximising the chances for recovery. Geofences also facilitate the validation of equipment hours onsite, maximising revenue, minimising back-billing, and providing the highest level of customer service and accuracy.