Tektronix launches GSM solution

CIOL Bureau
New Update

BANGALORE: Tektronix has announced the availability of a new GSM cell

analysis product, the Tektronix Cell Analyzer, which combines the key functions

of the Actrix Abis Analyzer and the Tektronix K1205 Signaling Protocol Analyzer.

Available as an add-on software package for the K1205, the Tektronix Cell

Analyzer enables field technicians to check and validate the radio performance

of a base station. It also helps them to quickly identify and solve radio

frequency problems, perform dropped call analysis, and monitor cell statistics

and other functions, at the touch of a button. The Cell Analyzer can be used on

any GSM network.

The K1205 is a signaling protocol analyzer used by network operators to

monitor performance of telecommunication networks. With GPRS software support,

the K1205 Signaling Protocol Analyzer becomes a field-monitoring tool for

supporting the newest mobile Internet applications.